Fire & Ice Honey Hive Harem Pants



With big bursts of blue buzzing about our fire & ice Honey Hive harem pants, these pants are as visually moving as a bustling hive. Hand-dyed reds and blues intricately interplay, making for yoga pants that go beyond clothing to breathtaking art.

Elevating each pose with intense beauty, these pants are for those few special yogis that do whatever’s necessary to stand out. 


  • Hand Stitched Using Local Fabrics & Dyes
  • Hand Wash and Shade Dry
  • One Size Fits Most XS - L
  • Elastic Waist & Ankles for Flexible Fit
  • Waist Length: 22" - 44"
  • Max Leg Length: 42"
  • Inseam Length: 28"

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