Midnight Purple Festive Elephant Harem Pants



These gorgeous purple Elephant print harem pants come straight from the mountains of Northern Thailand.

Symbolically capturing the nobility and extravagance of the elephant in vibrant patterns and colors, these stunning harem pants will surely stimulate strength as you move effortlessly through your Warrior pose.

With silky-soft elastic at the waistband and ankles, these specially made yoga pants provide the right combination of support and flexibility that every serious yoga lover craves.


  • Hand Stitched Using Local Fabrics & Dyes
  • Hand Wash and Shade Dry
  • One Size Fits Most XS - L
  • Elastic Waist & Ankles for Flexible Fit
  • Waist Length: 22" - 44"
  • Max Leg Length: 42"
  • Inseam Length: 28"


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