Rivergreen Aladdin Pants

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These calf length Aladdin pants are for you if you love everything about nature, especially the ocean and the forests. The rivergreen shade is a symbol of harmony, growth and balance. With these chic pants, you should choose your makeup colors properly. You don’t need to wear rivergreen lipstick or lipgloss but simply choosing a liquid eyeliner in the same shade would do the trick. If you have green eyes naturally, you can wear these pants to make your eyes look brighter.

The ornately patterned Burmese strip is a shade of beige-tan gives the deep rivergreen shade of these Aladdin style pants a casual look.. Thus, for evening wear, simply wear a top that covers the pattern. If you are someone who wants to take a long trip full of adventure and are yearning for new beginnings in your life, these pants are perfect for your wardrobe.

Since the essence of Boho fashion is resourcefulness, these Aladdin harem pants with drop crotch and baggy legs are wardrobe staples. Team them with some comfy flats and an oversized crop t-shirt. Even a knotted shirt would look great.

  • Cotton
  • Elastic Waist (size 26 - 36 in)

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