Coral Aladdin Pants


These Aladdin Pants in coral are the perfect pair of harems for those times when the celebration season is at an all time high and you just want to let your hair down. Coral is the color of the soul’s spirit and stands for the flight of your inner spirit towards exciting and adventurous possibilities.

The Burmese strip stitched around the waist is hand-woven and gives a burst of pattern to these solid toned Aladdin style pants. Wear these pants when you are on one of your backpacking trips across the humid and tropical parts of the globe. You can emphasise the shade of these pants by going for a coral tinted eyeshadow.

Wear these coral Aladdin harem pants with a neutral white. You can also color block them or wear them with a comfortable T-shirt and a well-tailored coat on top for a chic look. These pants look best when they are just hanging around your waist and end below the calf, but you can also wear them in a high-waisted style.

  • Cotton
  • Elastic Waist (size 26 - 36 in)

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