Become an Ambassador

Have a bohemian style you love to show off? Post lots of yoga photos on IG?

You may be a perfect for the One Tribe Apparel brand ambassador program where you can get your friends a discount and earn store credit for helping to grow the One Tribe family...

  • What do I do as an ambassador? 

    You only need to share the custom code you picked during sign up with all your friends. Every time your code is used to place an order, commission will be added to your account. 
  • How much of a Discount Will My Network Get? 

    You will be offered a 15% discount code that can be shared with your friends, family members and followers anywhere. When they make a purchase, they can use that discount code during checkout.
  • Do I Get Anything For All My Friends Who Purchase One Tribe Apparel Pants?

    Of course, you do! You are our brand ambassador, after all. For every referral that results in a purchase from your friends, you will receive a 25% commission in store credit AKA for a $100.00 order you'd get $25.00 to spend at One Tribe Apparel.
  • What Are Some Other Benefits Of Becoming An Ambassador?

    We always look to our brand ambassadors first when other opportunities arise for photo shoots, blog contributions or being a part of our One Tribe Wanderers series. These opportunities may be paid and involve additional free clothes but our up to our discretion and must be discussed with us ahead of time.

  • How Do I Redeem My Ambassador Commissions?

    Please send us a mail at when you want to claim your commissions and we will issue you a gift card that can be used to get amazing goodies in our store. 

  • What Can I Buy Using By Ambassador Commission?

    These are the items that you are eligible to purchase from our store using your ambassador credits & they include our harem pants, yoga bags & straps, kimonos, and aladdin pants  -
    If you purchase anything that is not from this collection, the item will be refunded. Ambassador commissions cannot be combined with any discount codes.

    Please note: The terms & conditions of this program can be modified at any time at our sole discretion.

  • How Can I Join The Ambassador Program?

Please read this part carefully!

  • When you click the join the ambassador program button below you will be taken to a signup form.
  • You must provide a one word discount code you'd like to use to promote us with. "JenYogi", "Hoopers15", etc. Your friends will put this custom code in at checkout to receive their 15% discount. Please add something specific about you to it (YourNameBoho, SDYoga) you can't just use boho, yoga, etc.
  • The first form signs you up for our newsletter. Once you complete that you will be taken to the brand ambassador sign up that will officially enroll you in the program.
  • Once you finish filling out both signup forms YOU MUST check your email to verify your enrollment.
  • After that you will receive a welcome email with instructions and later a confirmation that your custom discount code is setup.

    Join our program and experience bohemian style harem pants brought straight to you from the beautiful hills of Pai, Thailand. 

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    Shipping: We ship from the USA for fast domestic delivery (2-4 business days on average). Many Int'l shipping options available. Learn More.

    Giving Back: $1.00 from every item sold goes to help the Banyan Center provide free education to stateless Burmese refugee children. Learn More.