The Meaning of Mala Beads

August 10, 2018

The Meaning of Mala Beads

The perfect mala beads necklace works to improve your meditation relaxation & adds beauty and spiritual energy to your profile. Stones, mantras and positive intentions are entwined together in just the right way in your perfect mala bead necklace. You need to find a necklace that is true to your being and helps to manifest your dreams and intentions.

Mala beads are immensely popular amongst the meditation and yoga community, and most yogis wear these beads for meditative purposes. These beads serve as a reminder of their true intentions. Some people choose crystals, while other choose gemstones. Each stone and colour serves a unique purpose of helping the wearer find love, health, luck and fortune. It is also used to dispense negative energy, stress and anxiety.

In this article, you will understand the history and importance of mala beads, and understand the tricks of finding the perfect mala bead to advance your spiritual and emotional well being.

mala beads meaning

The History of Beads

Thousands of years ago, around the 8th century B.C.E, mala beads were a vital spiritual and meditative tool of the ancient seers of India. The seers would use these prayer beads, termed as japa malas, to enhance their meditative and spiritual energy. Hinduism, Catholicism, Buddhism, & various other religions have a history of using prayer beads, worry beads and rosary beads to support their spiritual ascension.

Devout Catholics use their rosary beads to praise and pray to Mother Mary. Indian gurus, yogis and faith healers use the japa mala to pray, give blessings and meditate.

According to the traditions of Sanskrit, the word mala means garland. Much like a garland of flowers, a mala is made out of 108 beads that all signify our spiritual essence with repetition to hold this positive energy and dispel it all over our being.

The Tibetan Buddhists have been using mala beads for centuries to keep track of all the times they must repeat their mantras and prayers.

mala beads significance

Here’s a fun fact: Back when the Roman Empire began trading with the Indians, they misunderstood the meaning of japa for jap, which is the Latin word for rose. So, when these mala japas reached the city of Rome, they were given the name of rosarium, which means rosary.

In modern day, we see yogis, faith healers and all seekers of spiritual energy use these mala beads to gain spiritual ascendance. They also help to carve out inner peace, relaxation, confidence and self-love. For most spiritual seekers, the simple act of wearing mala beads helps them stay connected to their meditative state, avoid distractions, limit fidgeting and gain inner peace.

Moreover, wearing a mala allows an individual to form a close connection with their spiritual self. This is why a mala can be hung or worn anywhere to help you stay spiritually connected with a strong aura of protection.

The Meanings of Different Stones & Colours

meaning of stones and crystals

It is important to understand that every single gemstone, crystal and colour, be it semi-precious or rare, has its vibration, significance and spiritual healing energy. This is why intentions play a pivotal role in selecting your gemstone.

Gemstones, crystals and their colours open up an entire world of intentions and possibilities. Every energy aligns with your true intentions, to support and manifest your dreams, desires and goals.

Crystals and sacred bead-making materials, such as rosewood, sandalwood, and Rudraksha seeds amongst others, all have their own unique healing powers. For instance, Rudraksha seeds promote healing, rosewood has protective benefits, and sandalwood boosts powerful meditative qualities and calmness.

JASPER - If you seek more balance, you need to wear Jasper, which is the supreme nurturer. It protects the wearer from all negativities, and helps them through transitioning periods in their lives.

Jasper stone meaning

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LAVA - If you seek strength, Lava is your stone. It promotes strength and courage in the face of difficult life situations. Its historical origins can be traced back to the time of the American Indians, who always wore Lava beads before entering the battlefield as it gave them more clarity and strength.

lava bead meaning

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TURQUOISE - Turquoise is regarded as the stone of healing and protection as it purifies our souls and eliminates all negative energy from our lives. This powerful stone also enhances spiritual and physical communication & balances our emotions.

turquoise stone meaning

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LEMON QUARTZ - Lemon Quartz is regarded as the stone of creativity as it helps creative souls take risks, experiment with their creative ideas and become optimistic and positive in the face of disappointments.

lemon quartz stone meaning

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CLEAR QUARTZ - If you are seeking more clarity in life, Clear Quartz is considered the master healer. It will help you gain more clarity by aligning your chakras and helping you connect with your higher spiritual self.

clear quartz meaning benefit

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BLUE OPAL - Blue Opal is the power stone that focuses on cultivating confidence, and it help you stand your ground. It will give you strength to speak your truth with confidence without having to hurt any feelings or emotions.

blue opal stone meaning

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ROSE QUARTZ - If you are a seeker of love and acceptance, your stone is Rose Quartz, a stone of love and the heart. It focuses on aligning the heart chakra, bringing healing and comfort to eliminate all emotional fears, scars and wounds.

Rose quartz stone meaning
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How to Choose the Right Mala Bead for you

Given that each stone and colour has its own spiritual significance, it can be extremely difficult to pick out the right design, colour and stone. So, the key is to focus on your intentions and allow your intuition to be guided by the powerful energy of the stone in order to find the right mala beads that will advance your spiritual and physical growth.

You must focus on elements of feelings, connection, and spiritual energy and above all, your own intuition. You will find yourself drawn to the energy and beauty of your stone, both spiritually and aesthetically.

Often, people find themselves connecting with one mala bead, and after shopping around, they find themselves second guessing. Therefore, you must also understand the meaning and significance of the stone, & listen to your own intuition. Allow yourself to be guided to the mala that you truly need to improve your life and spiritual existence.

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