Meet Dao Tong - The Nanny of the Elephant Nature Park

February 08, 2017

Meet Dao Tong - The Nanny of the Elephant Nature Park

A mother elephant will select many babysitters to care for her calf so that she has time to eat enough to produce sufficient milk for it. In a sanctuary, though, various elder elephants volunteer to take care of an orphaned or rescued elephant calf. 

Over 40 years old, Dao Tong was rescued by Elephant Nature Park in 2012 where she was begging on the street after breaking her leg from illegal logging in the Surin Province. Spending her days chained in a paddy field and her nights begging for food, Dao Tong dragged her broken back leg behind her all night long. 

cute elephant

When she was rescued by the Elephant Nature Park, her condition was quite bad but perseverance, love, and some help from a little elephant called Navann helped her recuperate faster than expected. She gravitated towards him and despite her injuries, followed him everywhere he went - from the fields to the mud pit. 

baby elephant playing

After sustaining another serious injury in the same leg due to an accident, the vets had no hope for her this time around but her love for Navann prompted her to reach out to him yet again and recover beyond anyone's imagination. 

baby elephant plays with herd

Now Dao Tong is one of the strong pillars of the Elephant Nature Park, keeping Navann and many other young elephants safe. 

Read more about her at the website of the Elephant Nature Park and you can donate to elephant rehab and rescue directly as well.

elephant herd thailand

$1 from every item sold here at One Tribe Apparel is donated to the Elephant Nature Park to help sponsor Dao Tong and many other beautiful elephants. 

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