Self Expression Through Boho Tattoos

March 19, 2018

Self Expression Through Boho Tattoos

A tattoo is more than just an indelible pattern on a person's skin, it is a message to the world about our inner self. It can grace someone's neck, wrist, arms or legs but in truth, a tattoo expresses the deepest secrets of our heart and personality. Often, a tattoo can mirror the very soul of a person.

Pulled from the @OneTribeApparel  Instagram, we're showcasing friends from all over the world who have shared their bohemian tattoos. They represent everything from their wanderlust, childlike curiosity at visiting a new place, passion towards something that makes them feel alive, and an attitude that allows them to look at life with fresh eyes every single day.

Flash tattoos can be an awesome way to try out a bohemian tattoo if you're worried about the commitment. Try out some flash tattoos for a festival, concert, or a night out with friends, or simply to find out what a design you have in mind would look like on you!

Shoulder and Bicep Tattoos

People who have tattoos around their shoulder are unafraid of any challenges that life has to throw at them. They are perfectly content at falling down because they learn most while getting back up. These are the people who make the most loyal friends. That friend you have who is always there when things go wrong, brainstorming solutions and lending a helping hand? A shoulder tattoo would be perfect for them.

Try this gorgeous Inspirational quotes tattoo set and wear it as a bracelet across your bicep or shoulder. If you're going for a night out with friends, this Glow in the Dark mandala flash tattoo can be an amazing head turner.

Arm Tattoos

Open and vivacious, people with tattoos on their arms are perfectly comfortable being themselves. They try to give their all to every endeavour that they take up and are satisfied with their lives. This doesn't mean that they lack ambition. People with arm tattoos just give their 100% all the time and tend to succeed, but even when they don't, they know they gave it their all. In short, if you're happy in the knowledge that you did the best you could, an arm tattoo might be for you.

Arm tattoos can be small and minimalist, like this cactus flash tattoo or feather metallic tattoo but you can also make a strong statement with a Glow in the Dark Alient tattoo or this Waves and Seashells gold metallic tattoo.

Wrist Tattoos

 A tattoo on the wrist is for people who are driven by creativity. These people are great with their hands and as such, love to adorn them with the most beautiful designs they can find. They take great care before choosing a tattoo. Since a wrist tattoo would be visible (unless you're a frequent watch wearer on your tattoo wrist), the tattoo needs to have a deep meaning - mostly nostalgic - for wrist tattoo lovers.

It's always best to go with classic styles when it comes to wrist tattoos. This Mandala wrist flash tattoo in black, for instance, will keep your wrists the center of attention. You can elevate a trip to the beach with this beach mermaid flash tattoo set.

Image from @popsugar

Image from @tattooperfection

Leg and Thigh Tattoos 

A tattoo on the thighs or legs is for people who are shrouded in mystery. These complicated souls prefer the quiet of nature and choose to spend time doing what they love best - thinking about everything that reminds them of home and comfort. These are deep thinkers and are often spiritual people, loving spending time with nature and taking a break from their fast paced life every now and then. If a cabin away from the city is your dream home, you should get a leg or thigh tattoo.

If you're wearing a denim skirt, boho shorts, or a breezy skater dress to the beach, this flash tattoo set of Aztec bracelets can look gorgeous wrapped around your thighs. You can also opt for black flash tattoos or this Love flash tattoo for a bit of understated accessorizing.

Image by @tattoologist

Back Tattoos

People with a tattoo on their back refuse to let the past win. They forgive easily but forgetting takes time, and they are secure in the knowledge that they are wealthy in life lessons. These people understand that nothing can come out of dwelling in the past. At the same time, they know that the past has a lot of teach them and has shaped the people they are today. As an ode to the person you were, get a back tattoo if you get nostalgic about your childhood or the things gone by but always have your feet firmly planted in the present.

Floral flash tattoos like this rose gold metallic tattoo can be a nice place to start. If you're wearing a backless dress, something simple like this Goddess Henna flash tattoo with a lotus or a Peony triangle tattoo can turn your look from soft to sultry and edgy.

Image by @fridaglans

Feet and Ankle Tattoos 

A tattoo on the feet or ankles is for people who have a thirst for knowledge and travel. They can't sit at home because time wasted doing nothing could be spent exploring a new place or learning something novel. You will always find these people with a book in their hand or taking classes for an obscure art. They are well travelled (or want to be) and have a never say never attitude. That friend who backpacked across Europe and its quaint villages, taking odd jobs to budget their stay and mingling with locals? A feet or ankle tattoo would be perfect for them.

If you're wearing gladiators or flats, feet and ankle tattoos look best when they are small and minimalist, like this Eye of Horus gold tattoo or Stars flash tattoo. However, putting on strappy sandals or heels with these Honeycomb anklets flash tattoo would definitely make you feel like you're walking on the red carpet.

Image by @veronicalilu

Image by Hairstylism

Image by YouQueen

Chest Tattoos  

A tattoo on the chest is for those brave hearts who value the heart over the mind. These individuals choose to go with their gut instinct and deal with problems head on. They will never talk behind your back and you will always know what they are up to all times. These are vivacious people who have a large group of friends and they are BFFs with all of them - they are always there when you need them.

Necklace style flash tattoos Black & White Lotus Henna tattoo or Native Necklace flash tattoo set can be handy when you're going to be grooving to music at a concert and don't want your necklaces getting tangled in your hair. You can also opt for something simple and sophisticated like this kiss flash tattoo, hawaii flower metallic tattoo, or crossed arrows tattoo.

Image by @sarah_etheridge

Image by standpoor 


And we're now running a group pinterest board dedicated to beautiful bohemian tattoo's. Click above to visit and leave a comment on one of the pins if you'd like to become a contributor.

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