One Tribe Wanderers - Asha Shares Her Connection Between Yoga & Nature

August 16, 2016

One Tribe Wanderers - Asha Shares Her Connection Between Yoga & Nature

The time to be happy is now

How the journey of yoga and adventure opens up a freedom that results in self-love, growth and appreciation of your surroundings.

My journey began when I stretched my hands towards the sky and with a deep breath, lifted my face to the sun. I began to learn how to use my body in ways I had never thought of.

I listened to myself, I trusted myself, and I gave myself two important blessings: Love and time. As I grew in the art of yoga I noticed my perception as well as my values change.

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My eyes were opened to my surroundings.
My mind, body and soul began to crave adventure.

My heart longed for peace.

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I was drawn to the calm atmosphere of the ocean, the way the waves rise, fall and tumble, yet do so, so peacefully. To stretch, sit or just breathe here cleansed and relaxed my entire being and replenished my mind.

But as my body grew, in strength and flexibility, my mind yearned to grow further, to explore beyond the horizon. I soon found myself engulfed by the soft hum of the trees, refreshed in the waters of the earth and towering over a sea of mountain peaks.

I was in awe at the collaboration of nature to create such a perfect song.

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Through my adventures, I and my yoga grew as a whole. I was inspired by the peace found amongst the curved hills and swaying trees, the strength of the majestic mountains and the calm, knowledgeable flow of a waterfall and stream.

I was offered a unique freedom, free of chaos, distractions, pain and negativity. Surrounded by a beautiful simplicity, I was exposed to my true being and left naked, in my purest state.

This allowed me to use my body to dance with the universe rather than against it, to use yoga to open my soul and mind to this freedom.

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In an environment of peace and love you are revealed only to your beauties, all else falls away, all else is irrelevant.


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Yoga and adventuring allows you to learn and understand who YOU are. Once you have a better understanding of yourself you can love and appreciate your being as it is – physically, mentally and spiritually - and you are able to carry and share this freedom wherever you may wander.


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I eventually came to the realisation that each individual is created as a part of this universe and deserves all the love in the world.

I saw the beauty in the people around me, the good in pain and I started to subconsciously focus on my blessings.

I developed a deep understanding and appreciation of my life, loved ones and surroundings and became confident enough in myself to be in control of my own experiences and emotions; as through yoga you learn to master your own mind and body.

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Adventure showed me love, freedom, peace and how to focus on what I give rather than what I gain

You are a part of the universe and hold the qualities it has to offer, but through exploring the universe you are awakened to a freedom that carries an eternal happiness and is shared through the art and love of yoga.

One Love.

Asha Nicole Irvine

Reach me on Instagram @ash_nicoles or Facebook.

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