One Tribe Wanderers - Ross & Melissa Share The Secrets Of Acro Yoga

January 27, 2016

One Tribe Wanderers - Ross & Melissa Share The Secrets Of Acro Yoga

What makes an ordinary relationship extra-ordinary? The same key ingredient that makes Yoga into Acro Yoga. The answer?  

How often have you said to yourself… my partner doesn’t fully understand me? My partner never listens to me, doesn’t show enough affection or never sacrifices anything for me?

With Acro Yoga you are able to transform your relationship into something infinite, something magical and ever-lasting. As long as you have the practice of Acro Yoga in your life and you take in all the life lessons it has to offer, you simply can’t go wrong.

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We - Ross Cairns and Melissa Van Straaten together formed Yoga Balance and have been doing Acro Yoga for  2 years now. Not only has it transformed our relationship into something unbelievable but it has changed us as individuals too.

Better listeners, daring risk takers, more understanding, more compassionate and a will to help the world and lives of those around us on a daily basis.

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We find it beautiful that Acro Yoga allows people to place their absolute trust in one another. We find it powerful how you can find 1 person who is able to make 1000 fears vanish though a simple smile, a loving hug or even the touch of a hand. Many people in life are afraid. Afraid of loving, of being loved, afraid of letting go and simply living.

Fears such as these can hold a person back in life. Many people are afraid of winding up in the sea of uncertainty; however we encourage you to trust in yourself… and in your loved ones around you. By doing this you are able to welcome fear in with open arms because you believe that the power of trust and love is far greater and stronger.

The power of trust supersedes any other human emotion there is and ever will be.

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There have been many lessons we have learnt along the way, both big and small. However, each lesson has been a stepping stone in our relationship and in our lives.

Through physical contact we have found a connection which drove us into the right direction. Through falling, we learnt compassion, always making sure our other half was okay.

Through making mistakes, we learnt patience and problem solving. Succeeding led to gratitude and joy while failure led to determination and hopefulness.

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We’ve learnt to be strong by pushing each other to the edge of our capabilities.  We found trust by being there for one another. And most important of all for us was that we found balance.

Balance is like a magnet, as it attracts all things good, all things positive and in turn you and your partner are left with a powerful, healthy and beautiful life. Each lesson learnt, was in essence like a stepping stone in our lives, allowing us to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now when we look back, we realise that we have built a staircase. A staircase of love, memories, understanding, compassion. A staircase leading ourselves, our relationships and love to new heights.

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Acro Yoga transforms the impossible into possible. Find that person who completes you and stick with them. Keep one another uplifted but also grounded at the same time.

Go from ordinary to extra-ordinary. Love your life, your partner, your family and friends, your God, your universe but most important of all... love yourself, every morning and every night… and the rest will simply fall into place.

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Trust in the magic of Acro Yoga

Photographers - Andrew Harvard (@awharvard) and Niki Van Velden (@Nikivanveldenphotography)

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Acro Yoga lessons from Yoga Balance. Find out more information on our Instagram page - @yogabalance3 and on our Facebook page - Yoga Balance.

Discovering life with every breath.

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