One Tribe Wanderers - Linda's Equestrian Vaulting

July 09, 2015

One Tribe Wanderers - Linda's Equestrian Vaulting


When I'm up there I'm free. The material world and its problems are left on the ground beneath me. Free from fear, anger, and ego. My mind is clear, pure, able to enjoy the grace of the world around. 

I was introduced to Equestrian Vaulting around age 10, at a summer camp with my sisters. I was afraid of horses when I first started because of a bad experience I had a few years prior. It didn’t take long for me to open up to those beautiful creatures though. 

Equestrian Vaulting (called vaulting for short) is best described as a combination of dance, gymnastics, and yoga on a moving horse. Activities similar to vaulting are referenced several times in renaissance and middle ages history.

Modern Vaulting was brought to children in post-war Germany to introduce them to Equestrian sports. In 1983 Vaulting became one of only seven equestrian disciplines recognized by the Federation Equestre International (FEI). American vaulting can be traced to 1956. The American Vaulting Association ( was founded by Elizabeth Searle and J Ashton Moore in 1966. 

Vaulting was introduced to me as a competitive sport but as I have furthered my yoga practice I came to realize I do not have to compete to achieve my goals. Vaulting connects you with the beauty and power of horses and your own body. It is a physical workout, you need to be strong and have control over your body so you are not rough on your partner (horse). You wouldn’t want a bag of potatoes flopping around on your back would you? You should also be in rhythm with your partner, the more synchronized you two are the easier it is for them to continue at an even pace.     

For me this sport is also a form of self expression/creativity. You make up a routine of your own, to music with your partner as the driving force, feeling it with your whole body, expressing yourself through movement. It’s a beautiful dance to watch when someone is showing you their soul without any intentions. The wonderful community on Instagram has help encourage me to share this sport with more people. (@mrsmilholland)

I have had nothing but encouraging words from everyone about my “horse yoga” and I hope I can help encourage and inspire others from the social media “world “ to try vaulting...or yoga…Or any form of self expression they feel is right!  The connection it gives me to nature and life’s energy is unbeatable and I want everyone to experience that power.     I have watched young people (myself included) grow into their bodies with confidence because of this sport. You are taught discipline, to love all (especially yourself), to stand your ground, to work hard, and appreciate the work of others...Including animals.  

 Many people participate in vaulting as therapy. I encourage everyone to visit the Valley View Vaulters website and read one of their amazing stories here.

 In These Wonderful Photos Linda is Featuring Our Green Bamboo Harem Pants 

There is so much more to this sport I don’t have time to share with everyone but if you are interested in learning more please click on the American Vaulting Associations website link, you can also leave a comment, or find me on Instagram, and I will get back to you! Love and Light. 

- Linda

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