One Tribe Wanderers - Britt Explores Oregons Coast

May 30, 2015

My new home is at the Oregon coast. My heart feels the northwest, the trees, fresh air, enriched dirt. I am more alive, inspired by the ocean, fascinated by the forest. We recently bought a small beach house in Linclon city Oregon, at roads end beach.

Purple Paisley Harem Pants

We kitesurf, hike, walk the dogs, sup, practice and teach yoga, experiment with food and make crafts out of drift wood and agate stones.

Classic Black Elephant Pants

We have realized that coming back to a simple way of living is freeing

Red Paisley Harem Pants

Experimenting with natural ways of making our own food, even detergents, soap and dog food. We are slowing down, watching the flowers grow. Taking our time in everything we do, soaking life up. Doing less, living more. We call this home the zen den and it has brought great peace and joy

Classic Red Elephant Pants

I wear my one tribe apparel pants everyday, weather I am reading at home, shopping or teaching a yoga class they are always perfect.

Comforting, unique and beautiful, just like life. All of these picture were taking at Lincoln city either at the zen den or at roads end beach, a place where my heart will always be.

Vibrate High. Shine Bright. Spread Light

 - Britt, @OmGrown72

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