How to Perform the Bow Pose

February 01, 2015 3 Comments

Bow Pose, Dhanurasana, can be a very difficult and uncomfortable posture. With a few tips however, anyone can do this posture and enjoy the benefits it presents. Bow pose is great for stretching the abdominal and chest muscles, ankles, thighs, and psoas muscle (hip flexors). This posture also strengthens the whole upper, middle, and lower spine, improving your posture.

Below, I will take you step by step through this chest-opening back bend. I encourage you to use a yoga strap if needed. You can wrap the strap around your ankles, grip the end of the strap, and keep your arms extended while keeping your wrists straight. For this pose, i'm wearing my Turquoise Paisley Harem Pants which fit well for these demanding poses.

Harem Pants in Paisley Turquoise


First, lie on your stomach and bend the knees, keeping them as close as possible. Reach back with your hands, rotating the shoulders, and grip the ankles. Keep your knees and feet no wider than six inches apart throughout the posture for the full benefit of the pose.

Second: Squeezing the buttocks, inhale,let the kick drive the posture, and lift! Lift your thighs up off of the floor, followed by your chest. You should be on the soft part of your stomach, continuing to allow the kick to drive the posture. Be sure to keep the wrists straight, and the grip firm, but not allowing the pull to override the kick. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to open the heart.

Third: Look up! Kick up! Where you look, your body will follow. Come down slowly when you'd like.

Although this pose can be challenging, overtime you will feel your heart open. The key is to breathe, and never lose faith. One day, you may even see your heels as you look up and kick up. It is not as important to see the feet as much as it is important to look for them.

Do your practice and all is coming.”~ Sri K Patthabi Jois


Robin Fox is a brand ambassador for One Tribe Apparel and you can see more of her poses and practice on her blog Bikram-Fit.

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February 09, 2016

Grade A stuff. I’m uneibstuonaqly in your debt.


March 20, 2015

Yes, you should so take adntaavge of being able to dress how you want to when you want to! This outfit is making me dream of warm weather and picnics in the park! :)


March 18, 2015

This is so bittersweet to hear! This is the end of my first year of colglee and I feel like the rest is going to fly by. Also Kid Cudi came to my colglee at the beginning of the year for a free concert too! Haha<3Chelsea Elizabeth

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